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Becoming Balanced


Do you ever say  ‘ I feel out of sorts and I want to become balanced?’

  • Do you feel like you never have enough time?
  • Are you anxious about the future?
  • Are you still worried about the past?

High expectations of modern life affect adults and children alike and can create feelings of being out of balance.

Kinesiology can help you create an environment where you can find balance and discover the strength to release the past, look forward to the future and be yourself in todays hectic world, becoming balanced is relatively easy to achieve with a little guidance.


“I would recommend Tara to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life.  I have found Tara to be an excellent kinesiology practitioner who make a real difference to your life.  Her professional expertise is compliment at by her caring and gentle nature.  Sarah Eden of Tangible Marketing. “


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