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Welcome to Inner Sanctuary Colchester, where alleviating stress and bringing you back to gain a sense of balance is our ethos.  This allows you to lead the life that you want, and we hope to help you find the right path to a stress free life.

In our busy, modern lives we can often ignore our bodys’ minor grumbles. We only tend to take notice when our daily life becomes interrupted. Stress is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK (HSE) and is the bodys’ way of telling you it is out of balance. There are many signs and symptoms of stress which we often, simply ignore.

Signs and symptoms of being out of balance or stressed include:

  • Physical interruption: pain, discomfort, weakness and illness;
  • Mental: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, fears, negativity, lack of motivation, memory loss and learning disabilities;
  • Spiritual: feeling disconnected from self, other people and your environment.

Modern (Western) medicine will help support the body with the symptoms, but often doesn’t explore the cause. By looking deeper at the body and what it is telling you, there is a much greater chance that the body will be able to heal. To do this, the whole body needs to be explored: the emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Here at Inner Sanctuary Colchester, we work with the whole of you, treating you holistically whilst reducing stress and the impact of this upon your body.

PLEASE NOTE: Inner Sanctuary will not “diagnose” a condition, nor is it a substitute for seeing your medical doctor.

You can enquire or book a treatment online, by contacting us here.  If you want to know more about any of these enlightening therapies, then we’ll be providing insights and learnings on this site and our Facebook page. So please follow us (and share) to stay up to date ensuring you find out first about any special offers.