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If you gave yourself as much attention as you give family, friends, colleagues, work, and pets you would make sure that you treated yourself to a daily dose of Me Time!

People have a tendency to fill everything up to capacity, whether that be time, diaries or just our minds thinking about everything we need to do, must do, or should do. The result is we end up frantic, when what we should be doing is scheduling in some time out.

Taking time out needs to be simple:

Me time, walking by the water in the sunshine Inner Sanctuary

A walk


Sitting in the sun

These activities can be done anywhere, any time, with no preparation, and they are FREE!


The benefits of a bit of Me Time are multiple:

Creates the space for us to process our thoughts and experiences

Helps us to know what to let go of

Creates space for ideas and energy to grow

Incredibly cathartic and beneficial


How to make some Me Time:

As creatures of habit, well practiced in filling up time with the “needs”, “musts” and “shoulds”, it makes perfect sense for us to schedule in our Time Out activities. Add it to your list, put it in your diary, or set a reminder to just take a break – ideally every day, but at least once a week.


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