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When we feel great, we look great and we feel ready to take on the world. However, this doesn’t always happen, as daily stresses and strains take their toll on the body.  This results in us, at best, feeling under the weather or worst, having a serious condition which impacts our health.

Wellbeing from Inner Sanctuary Colchester, Essex

Signs that your body is out of balance:

Physical: pain, discomfort, weakness and illness;

Mental: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, fears, negativity, lack of motivation, memory loss and learning difficulties;

Spiritual: feeling disconnected from self, other people, your environment.

All of these, are the body’s sophisticated, complicated way of communicating with us via a multitude of symptoms. It is the body showing you it is out of balance and is under stress.

Modern medicine, will help support the body with the symptoms, but often doesn’t explore what’s causing it.

By looking deeper at the body and what’s it telling you, there is a much greater chance that the body will be able to heal. To do this, the whole body needs to be explored: the emotional, physical and spiritual body.

To do this, I offer a range of holistic treatments:

* Kinesiology;

* Indian Head Massage;

* Chinese Face Massage.

During our sessions together, I begin by completing a thorough consultation form, during which we explore your current position, what’s happened in your past, where you want to get to and what you want from your treatments.