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Inner Sanctuary Body MOT


Want to jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step and have energy to last throughout the day? Now you can!

Is this you?



Prone to headaches

Fed up with bad skin

Book a body MOT to see what is really going on!

The Inner Sanctuary Body MOT is a one-off session that will put you in touch with your body and ensure you have the information you need to feed it the right fuel to get the best out of it.

Is your body out of balance?

If you feel tired, sluggish, suffer from headaches, or skin reactions then it likely your body is out of balance. Our bodies respond to what we put inside them, and if they don’t like the fuel we put in, then we can expect to experience all manner of reactions – not all of them positive.

What does a Body MOT cover?

In this one-off treatment we will:

  • Test your Body Type – to know what body type you are, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and when to eat.
  • Check for general allergies or intolerances – includes foods (so good to bring along some samples of things you think may be triggering intolerances or allergies).  This is very worthwhile if you are experiencing bloating, excessive gas or bowl problems.
  • Identify the need for additional nutritional supplements – check if what you are taking is suitable and test if you need anything further.
  • Complete a general overall balance of the body – this will help to keep the engine (of your body) ticking over smoothly.
  • Give written findings from your session – go home with simple, easy to follow advice and guidance from the session.

How do I do it?

The greatest tool in my Body MOT bag is kinesiology. If you have never experienced kinesiology before, trust me that it is a great way to learn more about yourself (you can read about what to expect here). The session is always in a relaxed environment, and you can expect to take away some really useful insights that can be applied to daily life with ease.


Duration and Cost

MOT sessions with last 2 hours and cost £95.  It will include a full write up that will be emailed to you for reference after the session.

“WOW is all I can say about my treatment yesterday. Such an abundance of knowledge learnt about my body type, times to eat and food to avoid. Brilliant treatment and a brilliant woman. Thanks very much – I will be keeping a diary to see how this all works out……Claire Duffy”

To book please call Tara Perlaki on 01206 619774 or contact me here.

Please note that Treatments do not diagnose conditions and should not be a replacement for medical intervention.


Body MOT, a pituitary breakfast, Inner Sanctuary Colchester, Essex

You could be “prescribed” scrambled eggs on toast – a great fuel if you have issue with your Pituitary Gland!