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What is Kinesiology:

The word “kinesiology”, comes from the Greek formation;

  • “kinesis” = movement of the muscle
  • “ology” = meaning the science or study of

It is a blend of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western techniques which enable the person to be treated as an individual. Kinesiology helps with fears, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, specific personal dietary needs, structural imbalances, energy blocks and many other things.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that enables the practitioner to communicate with a person’s body, sub-conscious mind and / or higher self. This is done using muscle testing. Muscle testing is a simple, safe and precise method of testing for imbalances within the body that either have or will become symptoms. The muscles are used to tap into a person’s bio-computer to get to the cause or the root of the problem and eliminate underlying stressors, connected with the issues being explored at that time. These stressors may be structural, nutritional and environmental, unbalanced emotions and beliefs systems, unresolved traumatic memories, genetic influences or energetic and spiritual imbalances.

Within your subconscious body you hold all the information about yourself, all the answers you need to heal yourself and achieve your potential. Sometimes you just need some assistance in unlocking this information, and clearing these blockages that have been keeping you from achieving your potential. Kinesiology is a full natural healthcare approach which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body and also offers balancing techniques that can change the way you feel effectively and quickly.  This is where Kinesiology can help you. 

How does muscle testing work?

You will be asked to put your arms, legs or neck into specific positions. Each position tests a specific muscle which relates to a particular area of the body. You will then be asked to hold your limb steady, while gentle pressure is exerted for 2or 3 seconds. The pressure is then smoothly released.

If the muscle is working correctly, it will not move under pressure. When this happens, the muscle and the related area of the body is considered balanced.

If the muscle is not working correctly due to imbalances, then the person will not be able to respond firmly and the limb will move even under gentle pressure, or feel spongey. This is an indication that something is out of balance and needs correction. Imbalances can be caused by emotional disturbance, nutritional lack, blocked energy, physical tightness / misalignment or any combination.

Kinesiology does not diagnose disease, but does detect imbalances. If these imbalances are left unresolved they can give rise to symptoms of discomfort, pain and even allergic reactions.


What happens during a Kinesiology session.

A kinesiology session is usually one hour, however our first session will take about an hour and half (90minutes), during which we will discuss:

  • What is currently happening in your life;
  • What has happened leading up to this point;
  • What you would like to happen in the future.

Following this conversation, you will lie down on the massage couch, face up and fully clothed, without your shoes. Then begins the muscle testing (predominantly one muscle which is known as an ‘indicator muscle’) and use of one or more of the following:

  • Acupressure points;
  • Chakra balancing;
  • Flower Essences;
  • Coaching techniques;
  • Structural corrections;
  • Emotional Stress Release techniques;
  • Massage.

People will often ask how many sessions are needed and this will very much depend upon the individual process and person.

Generally six sessions are sufficient for many issues, although this depends upon individual need.  The quantity of sessions is discussed and of course can always be extended. I always encourage feedback from my client as they know their body best!

It is important to note, that Inner Sanctuary does not diagnose, and is not a replacement for, medical treatment.

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