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Treating Illnesses

The Oxford English Dictionary defines illness as “A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind”. I would emphasise that the two are very much interconnected, and that if you are feeling mentally or emotionally unwell or imbalanced, physical symptoms will manifest.

In Kinesiology we often talk about the Mind-Body connection, and this is founded upon the belief that the way we perceive the world and how we live in it, can greatly influence our health. When treating illness I use kinesiology to explore this connection, and get to the root cause of the illness.

It is hugely beneficial to realise that what you are thinking and feeling is shaping the state of your health, which is why I aim to help you understand how your perceptions are made up. This includes recognising the influences parents, carers, or guardians have had on your world-view, as well as identifying how various factors could have affected your current state of health such as how you grew up, what you have observed in the world, and your life’s experiences.

You may receive other therapies besides Kinesiology to support your course of treatment. This could include Indian Head Massage, Fertility Massage, NLP and Reiki.