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Great Health & Well-being

Great health and well-being makes day-to-day living so much more enjoyable and pleasurable, giving you the energy you need to get through your day with happiness and grace, yet so often this is not a state that people choose to live in.

Are you familiar with the feeling of recurring discomfort that you have learnt to live with over the years?  Is it an old injury that feels slightly uncomfortable or simply the feeling of weakness that may be preventing you from leading the life you want?  It may be your bodies way of telling you it needs attention.

Dealing with the symptoms may help, but will not resolve the problem.  Kinesiology gives you a better chance of finding out why your body is out of balance and reinstating lost equilibrium, bringing comfort back to your life.


” I started to have kinesiology treatments after a badly sprained ankle injury.  I was amazed at the results.  I was able to walk more freely and even run.  The changes have bee permanent with no regression.  Spencer Christy of Lauriston Bio-Dynamic Farm.”


To ensure your health and well-being are the very best they can be or to find out more, please do contact me here.


Please note Inner Sanctuary will not “diagnose” a condition, nor is it a substitute for seeing your medical practitioner.