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Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Feeling anxious, tired and like life is running you rather than you running your life? This is exactly how I was feeling before I took a well-earned break and practised the importance of taking time out.

It’s not called a well-earned break for no reason. If you are someone that strives for achievement, has a passion for reaching goals, and generally likes to make the most of life – chances are that you forget to take a rest every now and then. For me, life had been incredibly hectic, it had been a full and challenging year both personally and professionally, and I felt like I needed time to catch up with myself and take some time out.


Lady with timeout hand gesture Inner SanctuaryMy symptoms: I was anxious and tired.

My desires: I wanted time to think, reconnect and catch up with myself.

My aim: I wanted to create space to reflect, to stop running on autopilot.

My solution: A well-earned break! A holiday in Sicily.


There were a number of themes that emerged from the trip: 

Rejuvenation – Quiet time, music, dancing, looking after the body with organic food and great sleep. These activities helped rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.

Connectivity – Connecting with myself by coming out of my headspace and going into my heart, I was able to let go of my anxieties. Connecting with others I experienced bonding, feminine energy from the heart. Shared experiences were without competition or insecurity.

Time Out – Leaving work behind, and turning off emails and phone calls meant that there was no anxiety and no worry.

Nature – Walking in nature, along the beach and in the woods and feeling sunshine and warmth on my skin helped me reconnect with nature. I experienced liberation as I swam in the sea, feeling the movement and energy of the natural forces around me.

I got far more than I expected from the experience. It wasn’t just a holiday, it was an awakening. I came back with:

  • Peace of mind
  • The ability to reconnect with my heart energy
  • A sense of calm
  • Energy
  • A desire to give back to my partner, family and clients
  • The ability to go with the flow
  • An opportunity to recognise and deal with some limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had – particularly around how I should behave and act.

If you feel like your life is running you, take some time out. You will return with so much more than you anticipated when you do.

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