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Well-being treatments available at Inner Sanctuary.


A non-invasive method of finding the root cause of well-being, emotional, physical and mental health issues that niggle and gripe at you, disrupting your daily life.  It is a simple, relaxing treatment and is totally beneficial for your body.

Read here for what some of my clients have to say about their wellbeing kinesiology treatments.

‘Kinesiology is a treatment I think everyone should try at one point in their lives. It is so diverse and the results are mind blowing. I had a session with Tara at Inner Sanctuary believing that I wanted to focus on one area of my life and it turned out that it was not an issue for my body at all and something completely different came out. After the session you feel like a weight has been lifted and as if my whole body is working as one.’  Anna Bowers.

“I started to have Kinesiology treatments after a badly sprained ankle injury, three years after various treatments; it was still very painful and inflexible.  I heard about Postural Stress Release Technique from Tara’s tutor and signed up for it. Following this, I had 6 sessions with Tara over a period of 4 months and was amazed at the results.  

We gradually worked together to unlock the emotions stored in the injury and with each release flexibility improved and acute pain reduced.  I was able to walk more freely and even run! I also found my mental state improved as my ankle changed, so my confidence grew.  My last treatment was 6 months ago, the changes have been permanent, with no regression in the ankle and I highly recommend Tara as a practitioner of Kinesiology.  

Spencer Christy from Lauriston Bio-Dynamic Farm”.


Indian Head Massage.

A relaxing, non-oily massage of  the head where the most important part of the body’s nervous system, the brain lives.  Don’t take it from me, read this from a few of my well-being clients.

“Just taking the opportunity to thank you again for my Indian Head Massage. 17 hours later and I’m still feeling totally relaxed, with a permanent smile on my face and a deep sense of wellbeing.  How amazing is that?”  Pamela Riches.

“Not only was my Indian head massage a totally relaxing experience, but was made even better by the fact that it was totally oil free! The combination of pampering and targeting individual areas, took me into a state of total calmness and freedom of the mind. Some of the relaxation benefits were instant and some more of the effects were felt over the next 24hours. A truly amazing way to clear your mind and relax without the hassle of the after effect of oil in your hair and on your clothes!”  Hollie Kamel.


Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia.

Does this frustrate and effect the well-being of someone you love or know?  If I could tell you I have a non-academic, fun and interactive way of working with adults and children who suffer from any or all of these, would you be prepared to give it a try?  Contact me here to find out more.