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Treating Stress

Whatever your symptoms may be, the cause is almost certainly stress-related. By treating the cause of the stress it is possible to feel empowered, well, and back in control of your life.

Using kinesiology, I work to treat the root causes of many illness, ailments, and imbalances by relieving chronic and acute stress. The stress may be physical – showing itself as pain or illness, it may be emotional­ – manifesting as depression, anxiety, and negativity, or it could be spiritual – leaving you feeling disconnected from yourself, other people and your environment.

During your treatment for stress you will receive information, advice and guidance to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually, with the aim of revealing a happier, healthier you.

You may receive other therapies besides Kinesiology to support your course of treatment. This could include Indian Head Massage, Fertility Massage, NLP and Reiki.