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I believe that using kinesiology as a tool we can work with our bodies to achieve ANYTHING!

Since I discovered this, I knew I wanted to share this wonderful belief with other people, so I created Inner Sanctuary… a safe place where anyone can come to face their problems and make the leap to become a healthier and happier person.

Let me share my journey with you…

I have always had a keen interest in exploring methods of treating the body using the body itself, and would turn often to a kinesiologist and massage therapist for support – not only to heal myself, but also to help me achieve all the things in my life I wished to.

Not only did my treatments allow me to achieve personal happiness with an amazing husband, a happy home and wonderful friends, it also supported my career.

After completing my degree in Health & Social Care, I had several jobs; my most noteworthy has been working for the National Disability Charity Scope. During my 8 years working at Scope, I progressed from supporting clients with disabilities to becoming a member of the Senior Management team who focused on quality and development within the service.

I enjoyed my role at Scope, but felt like I had more to give, and more to share. Inspired by my passion for alternative therapies, in 2011 I re-trained and launched a kinesiology-based business offering the treatments I truly believe in, and have myself seen and experienced tremendous results from.

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The body is a marvellous tool and is wonderfully adapted to help heal itself given the right environment. Kinesiology really lends itself to this, helping to create the right environment for the body to heal. Knowing this, my mission has always been to make Inner Sanctuary the right place for that to happen.

Over the years Inner Sanctuary has supported many people in and around Colchester, giving them the space, permission and strength to release themselves from physical, emotional and spiritual stress. I would also hope that my friends and clients would say that it has also given me the space, permission and strength to be a calm, considerate woman with the creativity to help them solve their problems.

If you would like a safe place to become a better version of you, Inner Sanctuary welcomes you!


P.S. Please remember, kinesiology and none of my other services diagnose conditions, neither are they to replace any treatment or medication you may be taking, but rather to provide relief and help heal the body.