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Stress is a word that is often used but rarely understood and its role in ill health is widely underestimated. When the body takes on stress which isn’t resolved, it begins to attack the weakest area of the body. Over a period of time, this causes the body to be at ‘dis-ease’ in that area, which becomes disease.

Stress is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK and is the body’s way of telling you it is out of balance.

Where we have become ‘detached’ from our bodies and what the body is saying, we tend to reach for easily available solutions, caffeine, sugar etc. They provide ‘pick me ups’, which enhance the problem.

Stressors may come from anywhere; something unresolved in our past, a work / life balance that has ‘tipped’ out of control, a personal trauma or event such as bereavement, redundancy, relationship difficulties. All of these can lead to exacerbating this stress by eating the wrong foods for your body.

Signs you or someone you know maybe be experiencing stress: Relax with Inner Sanctuary Colchester

Cognitive Symptoms: 

* Memory problems;

* Inability to concentrate;

* Poor judgment;

* Negativity;

* Anxious or racing thoughts;

* Constant worrying.

Emotional Symptoms:

* Moodiness;

* Short temperedness;

* Agitation, inability to relax;

* Feeling overwhelmed;

* A sense of loneliness or isolation;

* Depression or general unhappiness.

Physical Symptoms:

* Aches and pains;

* Diarrhoea or constipation;

* Nausea, dizziness;

* Chest pain, rapid heartbeat;

* Loss of sex drive;

* Frequent colds.

Behavioural Symptoms:

* Eating more (or less);

* Sleeping too much (or too little);

* Isolating yourself from others;

* Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities;

* Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax;

* Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing).

Here at Inner Sanctuary, we work with you to explore what is causing the stress and aim to reduce or calm the effect this has on your body. Get in touch to find out more.